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CSG Spec CP Brake Pads - Front

CSG Spec CP Brake Pads - Front

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The CP brake compound by CSG Spec is a premium performance solution for everyday road cars that can also withstand the requirements of track days and autocross with low levels of dust, noise and wear.

The CP material is very different from our line of pure motorsport sprint and endurance brake pads. It aims to being a capable track performer all while being easy to drive on the street and maintaining reasonably low levels of dusting, NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness).

In addition to great "cold" stopping power, the CP brake pads offer a much higher fade resistance than other industry standard "dual-purpose" pads.

This material is our ideal offering to bridge the gap between a street performance pad and a pure motorsport or "Race" pad which generally should not be street driven (due to high noise, dust, rotor wear).

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