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Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads - Front

Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads - Front

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Hawk's HP Plus Sport Pads (Enhanced Compound) are designed for use on the road, as well as provide a high level of performance at an Autocross. Due to the aggressive nature of this pad compound though, increased noise and dust should be expected.

The HP Plus (Enhanced Compound) displays lower pad wear and noticeably improved rotor wear over the previous HP Plus (Original Compound) while exhibiting less temperature sensitivity, for improved modulation and driver confidence.

All HP Plus product manufactured after July 16, 2018 is manufactured with the new, enhanced compound.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • New, enhanced compound improves wear for longer pad life
  • Extremely high friction level for responsiveness and resistance to brake fade
  • Suitable for autocross and track day events
  • Elevated temperature resistance


Brake pads are wear items and as such, should be inspected regularly and replaced as necessary. Pads should be replaced when approximately 1/8th inch of friction material remains on the steel backing plate.

Even though Hawk Performance burnishes its brake pads as a final step in the factory, all brake pads must be bedded-in with the rotors (new or used) that they will be used with. Properly bedding-in new brake pads results in a transfer film being generated at the pad and rotor interface to maximize brake performance.

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