FL5 Civic Type R Track Pads

FL5 Civic Type R Track Pads

This customer took his beatiful new Sonic Gray Pearl CTR to VIR for the first time this year. 

Having only break in miles, he was excited to try out the full potential of the latest generation Civic, noted for being "out of the box" ready for the track. 

While this customer did opt for some nice HPD forged wheels, he did find the factory pads and fluid a short coming. Luckily, we met at the end of his first day and we were able to help get this customer back on track. 

The factory pads on the Civic Type R are decent, but as speed progresses the pads can't take the heat and start to melt. The brake fluid also boils, creating not only a squishy brake pedal but an obnoxious warning on the dash. 

Luckily the CTR uses a very common front pad shape that's been around since the F40. By brake guru's it's known as the D1001 shape and is very common. We happened to have some Hawk DTC-60's in the 1001 shape (front) and some Castrol SRF. In about an hours time this car was ready to tear up VIR again.

Changing the front pads on your Civic Type R is very easy, you simply pry your old brake pads back to depress the brake pistons:


Remove the two top pins with a drift:

Install your new pads. No caliper removal is necessary! Hint, depressing the spring clamp pictured below with your thumb helps relieve pressure and makes inserting your pins easier. Be sure pins are fully seated from the backside.

If you are considering tracking your FL5 Civic Type R, we recommend at least a high temperature brake fluid flush, and some decent front (and rear) brake pads such as the Hawk DTC-60. 

Heading to the track with your civic Type R? Send us an email and we can send you a discounted package deal! 

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