Choosing the Correct Brake Pads

Choosing the Correct Brake Pads

Not all brake pads are created the same. You will (or might have already) figured this out if you've ever taken your stock vehicle on the racetrack to a HPDE event. We hear it all the time, I took my stock "X" to the track and I warped the rotors, boiled my brake fluid, and melted my brake pads. Not preparing for your first track day can really take the fun out of your first trip, not to mention cost you expensive missed track time. 

Some cars come more well prepared than other for the track. If it is your first track day, you might be able to use your stock brake rotors and brake pads. We do however, highly recommend a brake flush with a high temperature brake fluid. This is often part of your "tech inspection" requirement. 

Your brake pads, rotors, and fluid are consumable items that require constant attention in order to keep you and your precious car safe at the track. 

If you are headed to the racetrack for the first time send us an email or give us a call to discuss how you can prepare so you can focus on enjoying the experience.

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